Terribad Duel Academy Rules (MUST READ)

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Terribad Duel Academy Rules (MUST READ) Empty Terribad Duel Academy Rules (MUST READ)

Post by Akeno on Sun May 05, 2013 11:29 pm

Forum Rules

So you have chosen to join Terribad Academy. Upon joining you have agreed to become a member of our academy. It wasn't our choice for you to come it was yours. However you must be able to make it so that this community is welcoming, fun, and a nice Academy. If you in any way attempt to change the quality of this academy you will regret it dearly.

While Posting On These Forums You Must:

  • Insulting, Hurtful, or threatening post, or messages are not tolerated in any manner. If you show any sign of Hostility towards another member you will punished.
  • Post, or Messages that promote any illegal substances or acts are forbidden. These practices will not be tolerated and you will be banned immediately if you do.
  • No copyrighting.
  • Please post your messages ONCE. The repetitions are annoying and USELESS. Bumping is allowed only after a 48 Hour Time Period.
  • No posting in threads that are no longer valid. No Necro-Bumping.
  • Any topics that may create a distraction which could cause members to panic are not welcome, and will result in harsh punishments. These topics could be, but are not limited to: Threats of hurting someone, threats of deleting someone's account, and threats of hacking someone's account.
  • Do not Mini-Mod. The Staff is here no need for you to get involved. This includes saying but is not limited to "Requesting Lock", "Requesting Ban".
  • Atleast attempt to use good grammar.

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