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Post by Akeno on Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:25 am

Card of the Week

Every week, there is going to be a featured card known as "Card of the Week." We will simply display it, showcase it, and talk about its effects and combos. After that, you TBA members come in and make money!

You guys get to answer one of ten questions that will be listed under the card of the week. We will display these questions. These questions can go from "Should (insert card name here) be banned? Why or why not?" to "What other decks can you use (insert card name here) in?" These will almost be never on rulings.

Course, there are some rules.

[u]Rules for Card of the Week[i]

1. You can only answer ONE question per card of the week. This is to keep you guys from making too much money.

2. Your answers should be lengthy and detailed. We will not accept answers that are short and looks as if no effort was put into it.

3. You will only get 50 TC for a complete and accepted answer, unless stated in the original post of the topic.

4. Be sure to address which question you're answering when answering a question. Us mods and admins will not bother figuring it out, and your answer will be ignored.

5. Have fun with the weekly TC, if you can get it.

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