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Post by XraishionX on Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:16 am

Testing Center Rubric

Every registered member of TBA will receive one free entrance to an exam.  This can be used immediately, or never.

Testing goes as follows:
Ruling Test – This test will test you on your ability to interpret what will happen in a duel moment.  Questions will tell you what players will be doing, a problem that comes up in the duel, and ask you to explain what will happen (in a multiple choice manner).
Dueling Test – A tester will duel a match with you and grade you upon your ability to duel and play with skill.

Each member will be receiving a ruling test from a tester.  A tester will give you a link  for the test.

The tester will then ask you to put in a number such as 01 if it’s your first exam, and 02 if it’s your second exam.  If this is anything but your first exam, please give the tester some time before you get started to check on the transaction for your exam purchase.  

You will be then given 30 minutes to take the exam.  Each question may be scored differently from another, depending on how the tester has put it.  After you finish, tell the admin, and they’ll check on your score.  They will not, however, tell you your score yet.

After this, the tester will have you duel them for a dueling test.

Banned Cards
These cards are banned from all dueling tests.
The Left Arm of The Forbidden One
Mecha Phantom Beast Plane Dragosack
Gishki Mind Augus
Spellbook of Judgment
Master Key Beetle
Chain Strike
Just Desserts
Morphing Jar + Deep Diver( They are okay individually)
Gateway of the Six Samurai
Ultimate Offering
Final Countdown

These cards are limited from all dueling tests.

Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos
Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders
Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms
Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls
Evilswarm Ophion
Hieratic Atum
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear
Mermail Abysslinde

Dueling Personality:  Are you fun to play with? - 10 pts
Insulting - 0 pts
Basic "Gl hf" or "Eff" - 5 pts
Atleast Small Talk - 10 pts

Skill and Decisions:  Ability to interpret and duel well - 90 pts
For DevPro
The Match:
o-o-/ = 10 points
x-o-o = 8 Points
o-x-o = 6 points
o-x-x = 4 points
x-o-x = 2 points
x-x-/ = 0 points

Deck Construction - 20 pts
Deck Usage - 20 pts
Combos/Interesting Plays  – 20 pts
Optimal Plays: Best play at the moment – 20 pts

For Dueling Network:
The Match:
o-o-/ = 10 points
x-o-o = 8 Points
o-x-o = 6 points
o-x-x = 4 points
x-o-x = 2 points
x-x-/ = 0 points

Ruling Knowledge - 10 pts
Deck Construction - 10 pts
Deck Usage - 20 pts
Combos/Interesting Plays - 20 pts
Optimal Plays: Best play at the moment - 20 pts

0-60 = Nabbiest Red
61-90 = Guud Yellow
91-10 = Stronk Blue

Ruling Test
Less than 3 correct = Automatic Nabbiest Red
At least 3 correct = Guud Yellow
9-10 Correct = Stronk Blue
Even if you pass the ruling part; it doesn't mean you are that dorm. You need to score that same dorm in both the ruling and the dueling test.



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