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Post by Akeno on Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:10 pm

Terribad Roulette
Ever play a game of Roulette? You place your money on a type of space. Whether it be Reds, Blacks, Odds, Evens, or even a specific number. Depending on the space you either win or lose money. 

Terribad Roulette works exactly the same. However with Yu-Gi-Oh. Terribad Roulette will work the same as regular roulette without the big spin wheel.

There are A LOT outcomes for the roulette. 
There will be Fusion Monsters, Xyz Monsters, Synchro Monsters, and Ritual monsters. These will be your "Colors" 
The monsters will be numbered via their "Rank", or "Level" 

So here's how you play the game. 
Step 1:
Make a thread using this format:
Buy-In: (In this section you will pick the amount you will buy-in with. Your options are multiples of 50. All other numbers will void the game.)
[center]Status: (This will be either "In Progress" or "Completed" Roulette games can take a long time")

Step 2:
After that make a new post getting read to dice roll. For the Dice Roll you will choose the set of dice that is called "Roulette". You will Roll only 1 Die. Before submitting your post post what you bid and call.

Bid 10
You can bid as much as you want, but you can only choose one of the options.
Step 3:
After submitting; look at the roll you got. This will determine whether or not you win TC. After this, if you bid all your money on that roll and lost; make a new post saying you lost. However if you did not bid all of your money on that roll; post saying how much you won, and make another bet.
Step 4: 
Continue in this fashion until you lose all your money, choose to cash out of the game, or you reach the max amount of times you can roll.

- You may not roll more than 20 times.
- You may not play more than 1 roulette game a month.
- You may not spend any amount of TC that will interfere with your Roulette cash.

All the things you can call:
Monster Type:
Synchro, Xyz, Fusion, Ritual, or Divine(Extremely Rare)
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12, Odd, or even.
Dark, Earth, Fire, Light, Water, Wind, or Divine(Extremely Rare)
Call out any Synchro, Fusion, Xyz, Ritual, or Divine monster you know.

If you call Synchro, Xyz, Fusion, or Ritual right you get: Bid x 2
If you call Odd or Even right you get: Bid + .5
If you call exact number right you get: Bid x 4
If you call Dark, Earth, Fire, Light, Water, or Wind right you get: Bid x 3
If you call Exact Monster right you get: Bid X 10
If you call Divine and get it wrong you lose: All TC
If you call Divine and get it right you get: 10000 TC

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Terribad Roulette Empty Re: Terribad Roulette

Post by XraishionX on Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:05 am

Post an example game.  Even if only idiots won't understand.  Which include me.


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