How The Duel Arena Works

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How The Duel Arena Works Empty How The Duel Arena Works

Post by Akeno on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:23 pm

1. All Duels here will be done in a Single Game or a Full Match.
2. All INDIVIDUAL Duel wins will award you 20 TC.
3. All duels must be confirmed by the opponent or with a screenshot that clearly shows the Agreement to play for DA and the result. If neither of these are shown your duel will be null.
4. If you post a Screenshot you MUST give your opponents TBA name.
5. You cannot duel someone with a similar IP address as you. If you do you will be instantly banned from TBA.
6. You cannot duel the same person more than once in a row. This will be counted as an abuse of the system and you will be Instantly banned from TBA.
7. WIN

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