How The Cheap Arena Works

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How The Cheap Arena Works Empty How The Cheap Arena Works

Post by XraishionX on Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:11 am

1. All duels must be done in a single game or full match.

2. Once you lose a Match, Game in CA you cannot do another CA Match/Game for the rest of the month.

2. All duels must be either confirmed by your opponent or includes (a) screenshot(s) that clearly shows the agreement to play for CA, the amount bidded and the result. If neither are done, your post and request for TC is considered null and void.

3. If you post a screenshot, you MUST include your opponent's TBA name.

4. You cannot duel someone with a similar IP address as you. If you do you will find yourself instantly banned from TBA.

5. You cannot duel the same person more than once in a row. This will be counted as an abuse of the system and you will be Instantly banned from TBA.

6. Do not annoy a mod or admin about exchanging the TC bidded. Only remind a mod or admin 24 hours after the TC not being exchanged, or after the last reminder.

7. The Cheap Arena will be treated differently than the Duel Arena. Whenever you win a duel you will have the option of taking 20 TC from ANY TBA MEMBER. You are limited to 15 CA duels a month or until you lose.

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