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Post by !!Kairi on Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:57 pm

TBA Beginner Guide
Hello noobs and beginners throughout Terribad Duel Academy! Are you sick of being told you are stupid because you are new to the academy? Are you sick of feeling like a deer in headlights every time someone mentions a word you don’t know? Well, fret not. !!Kairi and XraishionX, have teamed up specifically to meet your needs.

Who the heck are we?

Terribad Duel Academy is an academy based on the Card Game Yu-Gi-Oh!. We are committed to giving duelists an area to converse and polish their skills. Simply put, the better you do and the happier you are, the closer we will be to our goal.

What is this TC stuff?

TC, also known Terri Cash, is TBA’s form of currency. In order to win TC, all you need to do is win duels, win tournaments, sell stuff in a shop, or do well in events. TC can be used to buy any items . For example, you can use it to buy a shop, stuff from a shop, a name change, the ability to post an article, or even the ability run an event.

Dorms?! I thought I was going to make the commute!

As you may have noticed, your starting rank is Nabbiest Red, the equivalent of Slifer Red in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX animated TV show and the lowest of the low.  This is not a mistake.  Fortunately, we offer redemption. Each newly registered duelist gets a free testing pass.  You can use this immediately by posting in the “Entrance Exams” area.  The dorm system works as follows:  Nabbiest Red is the lowest, Guud Yellow is for the average duelist, Stronk Blue is for the good duelist, and BLS Purple is the dorm where only the elite are allowed into.  You may test for anything except for the BLS Purple dorm.  Only high contributors and members the staff sees ad valuable are allowed into the BLS Purple dorm.  For more information on the Dorm System in Terribad Duel Academy, click on the following link:

Dueling? I thought this was Pokemon!

Of course we duel. How do we reach our nationwide-spread (and sometimes inter-nationwide) duelists?  We use dueling systems through the internet.  The main dueling system for TBA members is Dueling Network, a website with a manually operated engine where you can use any cards you want.  A secondary dueling system (primary automatic dueling system) is called DevPro, which requires a download.  Here are the links to both:
Dueling Network –
DevPro -

Well, what the heck do the duels count for?

Duels can either be Cheap Arena or Duel Arena. Cheap Arena duels will allow you to steal 20 TC from ANY TBA member after winning.  Yes, this includes us staff.  Duel Arena is for the cautious, for the wimps who are afraid to take a shot in the dark. In the Duel Arena, you get 20 TC for every individual duel that you win.

Tournaments? I forgot my gladiator equipment!

Yes!  We even have the traditional dueling tournaments (fortunately they are not roman gladiator tournaments)!  These will be done on brackets, and usually have a set of rules to follow.  Rules usually include deck restriction if it is a special tournament, a TCG or OCG restriction, an archetype restriction, and cheating being a no no.  Sometimes, there’s even dueling wars.  Crossfire being a main one, where teams are made and anyone from either team can hunt down any member on the other team, with each member having a set of lives left.

The Social System

Terribad Duel Academy is based around the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game which means that if you actually came here to improve your skills, you’ll find many people who share your purpose!  You’ll find this advantageous, for you’ll be able to make great (non tranny/creeper/pedophilic) friends over the internet!  Of course, there are also people who are going to be different from you; however, this also works towards your favor, as you can learn different perspectives of your hobby.  Just remember to have fun and duel on!

Class? Oh dear, I don’t have a textbook...

Fret not, in this class you need no text book; however, you do need a brain. The class room is a sub-forum of TBA in which you can exercise your writing skills and intelligence. A teacher will pose a question and you will answer it to the best of your ability. If your answer is acceptable and whole-hearted, you will be awarded TC. However, be wary for if you respond with a effort-lacking answer, there will be no reward.

The Off-Topic Section

Terribad Duel Academy is an academy focused on dueling; however, sometimes, we need to have fun, right? That is why we have the off-topic section! This is where you can post extremely random things that have nothing to do with the "children's card game" we all came here for! This includes:
News - What's been happening lately?
Media - Any nice movies you just watched?
Anime & Manga - Otakus unite!
Gaming - Is that new game for Xbox worth it?
Forum Games - Create something to have users interact with!
Other - Random things you'd like to talk about.

Feel free to do anything there! Your only restriction is TBA's rules!

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