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Post by !!Kairi on Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:31 pm

Exodia Lottery

Exodia Lottery Rules Nnz6jSC

Have you ever wanted to test your luck? Have you ever thought, I am lucky enough to win alot of money but don't know how? Well I am here to tell you that this is the chance you have been waiting for!!!!! The Exodia lottery is the perfect chance to win loads of virtual money through nothing but simple luck!!!! All you need to do is set the dice to Exodia Lottery and fill in the number 8 right next to the dice roll area!! But wait, there's more.

1. Unlike at other academies where only certain people can hold this event, here... ANYONE CAN DO IT!!!!! Keep your pants on because, yep you guessed it, there is still more!!!

2. You might feel like getting the right 5 exodia pieces out of 5 is too much... so we are giving you some leeway... you get eight slots instead of the usual five!!!! What more could you ask for!?!?!

3. If you want the lottery and one isn't being hosted you would normally feel bummed out.... but now... you can just host it!!!! That's right, any member can host the lottery as long as another one is not in process!!!

4. The prize is 2000 TC per win and we want you to spam this too your hearts content!!!

5. Unfortunately, you can not post 2 times in a row. You have to wait for someone else to roll.

How to roll dice (for those of you who have little experience in the art of dice rolling):

For this you can't use the quick reponse option... you actually have to click New Reply.
After that, under your response their is a Dice Roll option. Change it to Exodia Dice and change the number next to it to 8.
Then, when you post a bot will roll dice for you.

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